Support Coordination Services

QMA is proud to provide Support Coordination services throughout the State of New Jersey. Support Coordinators use the person-centered planning process to assist individuals in developing and implementing their Individualized Service Plans.

When you select QMA as your Support Coordinator Provider, you benefit from our 20 years of experience as a leader in community supports. QMA recognizes that each person’s service plan must evolve and change over time to meet their growing needs. As part of the QMA team, an individual, their family, and their support system will identify specific needs and then find community providers that can best serve those needs. Through creative and thoughtful planning, the QMA team supports each person’s goals and dreams, while managing individualized budgets.

QMA’s intake process incorporates a thorough in-person interview to learn as much as possible about each person and their support system. We ask honest questions about an individual’s current lifestyle, their plan for the future, and the practical basics of their support needs. We focus on a person’s abilities and are committed to achieving success. We serve a spectrum of individuals who range from requiring complex medical support needs to those who are looking for basic services.

QMA is committed to providing individuals and their families with accurate and transparent information to make thoughtful decisions about the supports and services they need. The dignity of choice and respect for self-direction are key components of this service.