Day Supports

Opportunities in Action Day Supports
We believe that everyone wants to have a job and contribute something valuable to society. Our Opportunities in Action (OIA) day supports program—available exclusively in New Jersey—enables the people we serve to have the same types of positive work and social experiences that everyone enjoys. Partially vocational and partially recreational, this innovative program promotes growth, development, and fun.

OIA is designed to provide individuals a forum within which they can participate in both the shape and direction of the program.  In response to individual input – of both members and staff – opportunities are created that will give people the chance to learn and experience successes in life-areas of their choosing.

OIA’s action oriented work days intentionally parallel a typical business/activity day in the community.  Members and staff work together in an open, friendly environment to:

  • prepare meals and snacks;
  • greet members, answer phones, sort the mail, and other in-house activities;
  • develop basic employment skills in a range of areas;
  • plan and implement the community and social integration activities;
  • participate in advocacy on behalf of both the members and people with disabilities generally;
  • and whatever else is seen as important to the life of the members.

In the process of participating in these activities, each person we serve develops new skills, meets new people, and evolves an identity of purpose and contribution.