Our Services

Supporting People, Growing Communities
We believe that all people should be fully included in the community of their choosing. Our team is trained to provide access to the community and create opportunities for each person to demonstrate their abilities. We bridge the gap where a disability may pose a barrier so that people can be as independent as possible.

QMA offers a variety of residential services, including homes and apartments, in Southern New Jersey and Delaware, where the people we serve can actively engage in the community and enjoy their independence as much as possible.

Our employment and day supports program, Opportunities in Action, provides a range of services including extensive vocational training, job identification and ongoing support. We work with local businesses in the community to provide meaningful employment. Our adult day supports program provides even more access to the community with a focus on employment.

QMA is proud to provide support coordination services in Gloucester, Atlantic, and Salem Counties. Our support coordinators use the person-centered planning process to assist individuals in developing and implementing the lifestyle they envision for themselves.

We Offer Customized Service
QMA’s full service model combines quality, safe, community-based living with customized and expert support. Our team includes experienced specialists to assist in specific areas so that the people we serve can achieve their goals, including:

  • Nurse case management
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Psychiatric and psychological care
  • Behavioral planning
  • Residential training and skill development
  • Vocational training and employment
  • Physical and occupational therapies

All support services are based on best-practices and the entire QMA team, from residential staff to vocational/day staff work together to carry out a comprehensive plan of care.  Every person’s individual needs are addressed so that they have the opportunity to reach their life goals.

Committed to our mission, QMA promotes self-advocacy among the people we serve and in the greater community. We encourage each person to actively pursue the lifestyle of their choosing and support them to achieve their own life goals with respect and dignity.