Shared Living

QMA offers shared living services in homes throughout Southern New Jersey and Delaware, where the people we serve can actively engage in the community and enjoy their independence as much as possible.

QMA’s homes are secure, warm, and supportive environments. With the exception of the renovations we make to ensure universal accessibility, these are normal homes that seamlessly blend into their neighborhoods. Our homes support three to four people, depending on an individual’s needs and location. All of our homes have 24-hour staff supervision, and all meet state licensing standards.

Our staff assist the people we serve when needed in all aspects of their daily live, from preparing nutritious meals to providing transportation to daily activities. Nursing coordinators lead the management of each person’s medical care, and staff members administer medications to individuals who are not able to do so independently, as directed by health professionals.

The QMA team works with the people we serve to identify meaningful social activities. Downtime is spent learning, socializing, and growing. Each of our homes has its own vehicle to enable individuals to leave their home as they desire and explore their communities as much as possible.

QMA enables the people we serve to engage in a spectrum of community-based activities. These can include:

  • Grocery shopping;
  • Going to the gym;
  • Visiting parks and museums;
  • Utilizing local civic services such as the library;
  • Going to the movies, sports events and cultural events;
  • Enjoying restaurants;
  • Exploring spiritual or religious opportunities;
  • Planning vacations.

Through this support, the people we serve do not merely live in the community, they become a part of it.

Please contact us for more information about our shared living services.