Community Living

Community Living Options in Southern New Jersey and Delaware
Through our community housing services, you will find a place to live that fits your needs! QMA operates homes and apartments in neighborhoods throughout southern New Jersey and Delaware. Our services focus on the person, not the program, so that they can participate in life’s daily activities at their own level of independence.

The QMA team assists the people we serve to live more independently by:

  • Teaching routine personal-hygiene, grooming skills;
  • Demonstrating and teaching household management skills such as cooking and cleaning;
  • Facilitating routine community activities such as banking and shopping;
  • Offering guidance in creating and maintaining personal relationships;
  • Indentifying social interest in the community such as going out to restaurants, cultural sites, entertainment and sports events and other recreational activities;
  • Enhancing social skills through interactions with members of the community.

The QMA team manages the safety and health of the people we serve through:

  • Direct care professionals trained to meet each person’s needs and interests;
  • Nursing coordinators who lead the management of individualized health plans;
  • Clinical supports including behavioral consultation, therapies, and nutrition;
  • A 24/7 emergency response system and nursing on-call support;
  • Total management of financial benefits.

At QMA, we recognize that community starts with the people closest to you. Families and support systems are welcome members of the QMA team so that each person’s plan of care is truly individualized. The people we serve are encouraged to engage in self-advocacy as well as formal community-based advocacy activities.

Customized Service
Throughout the transition and planning period, the QMA team with meets with each person and their support system (their family, friends, etc.) in order to collect all information necessary to make that person successful in the community. Throughout these meetings, relationships are established, community needs are identified and everyone’s voice is heard. The person and their support system direct the planning process, from the specific kinds of service they will receive down to the décor in their bedroom.