Person-Centered Approach

Our Person – Centered Approach
The person-centered approach is at the heart of all QMA’s services; the belief that every person has the right to express and realize their personal preferences and dreams. Period. Each person we serve leads the development of an overarching plan for their lives that is based on their own needs and choices.

Ultimately the most important feature of QMA’s person-centered approach is self-determination. The QMA team functions to enable individuals to live in a way that best suits their individual aspirations. Though the people we serve are part of a community, they are first and foremost individuals who set their own paths in life. QMA helps the people we serve to develop their own personal support networks to ensure that they can grow and develop as individuals. Starting with this core vision, we provide resources to empower them and bring in experienced professionals that will work with them, not for them. This approach ensures that the individuals we serve will be surrounded by people that not only care about them, but who will treat them as equals.

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